Insanity Max 30- Round 1

Insanity Max 30 is NO JOKE!!!! I’d be lying if I told you I never wanted to quit, that I was happy I was pushing myself to a whole new level.

But after Day 2 or 3, I was done. I missed my weights. I hated jumping. I disliked all the pushups, burpees, and tuck jumps.

But I told myself I had to stick it out. I had to do a program start to finish (which I hadn’t done since the 21 Day Fix). I wanted to prove that I could do it- to my challengers but also to myself!

So I stuck it out, despite doing the 3-Day Refresh, being sick, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my daughter being in the hospital.

It would have been really easy to use these all as an excuse.

An excuse as to why I can’t do the program.

An excuse to not follow the eating plan.

An excuse to go back to the 21 Day Fix and stay in my comfort zone.

Honestly though- I was scared to take my measurements on Sunday. I didn’t want to know the final results. I knew that they weren’t the results I would be hoping for. Because despite all those excuses I listed above, I let them get in the way of my nutrition and my meal plan.

I did my workout EVERY DAY and if I missed I made it up on the weekend. But I didn’t follow the second half in the kitchen, and I am OK with admitting that!!!!! Because guess what- I learned that I will NEVER get the results I want by cheating on my diet. I learned that I can’t let myself have a cheat here or there and not mark it down because then one cheat turns into a cheat weekend and then a let’s have a drink every night because work was hard week.

I didn’t get the results I should have gotten, because I only did half the program.

But enough with the negative– THE POSITIVES!!!!

What did I learn about myself by doing Insanity Max 30???

  1. I CAN do another program from start to finish besides 21 Day Fix.
  2. You can work your legs/arms without weights.
  3. It is ok to struggle and suck at something, but it is NEVER ok to quit and give up.
  4. I have more willpower than I ever thought I did.
  5. I love challenging myself.
  6. I love pushing myself mentally and physically.
  7. I tend to push myself more when my hubby is watching.

Lastly and MOST important- I learned that I CAN DO ANYTHING I put my mind, heart, and energy INTO!

Will I do Insanity Max 30 again?? Heck ya!

Will it be after Hammer and Chisel?? It will probably be awhile 😉

Below are my pictures from my results.


First sweaty selfie on the left–notice how my face is like WTF–

Last sweaty selfie on the right–notice how my face is going to explode with happiness–


Left is before, right is after..

Thank you Shaun T for teaching me many new things about myself and pushing me to be better and reach my Max Out! And thank you to Danielle Natoni for encouraging me to try this program, even though you have no idea you did ❤

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