Hammer and Chisel- Week One Recap

Ahhhhh Week One is in the books!!!!! So what did I think??

No BS- I can honestly say I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!

I realized this morning as I was doing day 2 of week 2, that every single day is DIFFERENT! I’m sure a huge part is going back and forth between Autumn and Sagi- but still each day is different and keep you on your toes.

You rotate between more agility and cardio- boosting that heart rate SKY HIGH! To the next day, burning out those same muscles with power lifting! I can already feel a huge difference in how my body is responding to the workouts and the differences each day!

For the most part, the workouts FLY by! Some times Autumn’s days seem to take longer, BUT it’s usually because she’s kicking my booty!

So my progression during Week 1- I really did not get sore until about day 5, the day after the Rest day! BUT, I started the beginning of the week with lighter weight. I didn’t want to totally burn myself out after not lifting weights for 2 months prior to starting Hammer and Chisel! But since then, after increasing my weights, I have been sore every single day! Not an intense like I can’t walk sore, but noticing new muscles kinda soreness!

Another great part of the program- there is always a modifier. Which, I haven’t had to use much, but it’s nice to know the options are there! The main time I use the modifier is with the chin-ups/pull-ups. The modifier uses the resistance band! I am looking at getting an assist band to help me out so I can still use the pull-up bar and do “half” modified!

I don’t normally do this, because I don’t like to let the scale define me, but I stepped on the scale this morning just to see after one full week and weekend of being back on the meal plan and new workout program. I am down almost 5 pounds!!! Now, do I expect to lose more weight? Ehhhh I’m not exactly sure! Because, I will be building muscle! But, I do have a little more extra weight I can probably lose! But the point is, NUTRITION is KEY to any sort of weight loss/program success!!! I don’t plan on weighing myself again for awhile, but I also need to do it to keep myself accountable!

Below are some pictures from my first week of Hammer and Chisel! Please let me know if you have any questions about the program or my journey!


Some of my biggest tips to help you stay on track: set our your clothes the night before. Have your DVD already set so all you have to do is push play. Have your Energize pre-mixed so you can drink it right away. Try to have as much of your meal plan ready to go for the next day. Limiting your distractions can really save you time and energy and help keep you from getting off track!




I’ve never really utilized rest days before. BUT, I figure- these guys are the experts- SO if they say I need to rest then I will do as they say! PS- I woke up like this 😉


Loving my new tank from teespring.com Bella Fit is my FAVORITE fit!

#flexfriday with Chisel Endurance–

Week One is DONE and in the books–finishing off with Total Body Hammer and 10 minute Ab Hammer..

That’s all for Week 1– keep your eyes peeled for my Week 2 Meal Plan and then of course my Week 2 update!!

Keep rockin’ that healthy lifestyle friends!!!!

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