Seriously… I don’t know what has come over me.. First I venture out and try Spaghetti Squash.. AND NOW- ZOODLES!!!!!!

Couple things before I share my recipe- I definitely needed more zucchini. I did not have enough! And second- it’s amazing, quick, and easy!!!!


2 zucchini (I recommend at least 4, 2 was not enough!!)

1 pound lean hamburger/turkey

15 jar tomato sauce, or all natural sauce

Garlic powder

Sea salt

And Veggetti (or vegetable peeler)


  1. Brown hamburger with garlic powder and sea salt. Drain grease.
  2. Boil water in pot.
  3. Add sauce to hamburger and simmer on low.
  4. While meat is cooking Veggetti your zucchini in a separate bowl.
  5. When zoodles are ready, add in to the boiling water for 2-3 minutes; drain.
  6. Mix all together and viola! You’ve got Zoodles!!!!!!
2 Zucchini was definitely not r

20160104_17505120160104_173720Seriously so easy and fun 🙂

The final product!! Delicious.. Let me know what you think in the comments below!!

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