Top 5 Reasons Teachers Make the BEST Beachbody Coaches

I’m currently on my 4th year of teaching Middle School/High School Family and Consumer Sciences, and I am also currently in my 7th month of working as a Beachbody Coach. I pretty much started coaching when school was starting back up for the Fall. So I’d like to think I have a pretty good idea about balancing the two but also how the two jobs can go hand in hand! I have tried other part-time gigs that have not jived well together with teaching. But, this health and fitness coaching thing seems to be sticking pretty well!

I want to give you my top 5 reasons why teachers make the BEST Beachbody coaches. I’m going to start at #5 and work my way up to the #1 reason!

#5- It is no lie that teachers have crazy insane schedules. The contract may say 8-4 but that does that not include all the extra hours devoted to lesson planning, grading, extra duties, coaching responsibilities, etc. ETC. Because of all these responsibilities teachers have INSANE time management skills! I mean you have to right?! Especially if you a spouse or a family!! So why not add one more task to your plate? When I started my first challenge group with Beachbody I was finishing up the school year, had a 5 month old baby, and coaching softball. Then when I made the leap to become a health and fitness coach, school was just getting ready to start, my daughter was 8 months old, and coaching cross country! So I know what it means to be crazy busy. But I also know how to manage my time and make everything work! I started as a health and fitness coach and loved working it into my schedule! I loved helping others despite my busy schedule.


#4- Teachers are PEOPLE persons!! We work with all different kinds of people each and every day!!! Whatever age of kids you teach. Your co-workers. Your principal/superintendent. In order to be a great teacher, you need to be able to interact with other people. You need to understand others feelings and be able to help all types of people- the same as a Beachbody coach!!! As a Beachbody coach you need to be able to work with others and find a way to help them no matter what!


#3- Now I can’t speak for everyone, but I think it’d be a pretty good bet to say many teachers are a blue personality. BLUES: Need to have integrity and be appreciated. They are focused on quality and creating strong relationships. So as a blue personality, focused on helping others and building quality relationships. Blue personality as a teacher: need to do their best, need to be appreciated for their hard work, need good relationships with students, but want to be in charge. Blue personality as a Beachbody coach: need to be sincere in helping others move forward to reach their health and fitness goals, need to be appreciated for all their accomplishments and hard work, focus on building relationships with their challengers and making those relationships strong!


#2- ORGANIZATION–even if it’s a hot mess organizational system. I can only truly speak for myself, but my life could not function without my organizational system. In their own way, each teacher has a way of organizing their desk, their lessons, their grading, their LIVES. That’s all Beachbody coaching is as well. Organization. Organizing time, challengers, groups, invites, workouts, meal planning, etc. Good thing teacher’s already have a leg up in the organizational area!!


#1- Ready for this? This is truly the best and biggest reason teachers make the best Beachbody coaches. They have the exact same job: help others succeed by any means necessary. Teachers want every student to learn and succeed. They alter their lessons to fit each students individual needs. Beachbody coaches want to help their challengers succeed in reaching their own health and fitness goals. They work hard to set good examples and be supportive no matter what!


Two totally different jobs, but both have the same goal and purpose!!

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