Side-Hustler Over HERE!!!

You have a full-time job.. You have a kid and a husband.. You have a house to care for.. You coach a few seasons of the year.. WHY oh WHY would you add something else on to your plate??

I’ll tell you why– because I honestly believe I am meant for something MORE. I have the passion and desire to work a full-day job, be a mom, be a wife, cook and clean, and STILL build a business on the side! A business based on helping people feel GOOD about themselves and to work on themselves from the inside out! To gain confidence and belief that they too are worth so much more!

I said yes to the coaching opportunity 7 months ago and suddenly realized I had the potential at my fingertips to build a business! ME- haha- build a business?? But it’s true! And now I have a vision, a dream for how I want our future to look. I have the ability to change our lives, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen!!

So, I am officially declaring myself a SIDE-HUSTLER 🙂 I will get up early, I will stay up late, I will build my business on my terms and work to create a life by design! A life of financial freedom. The life of a woman who can and will do it all!! You can sit back and watch me, or you can join me and become your own side-hustler!!!


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