Week 2- Can I Get a Re-do??

So at the end of the first week of 22 Minute Hard Corps, I got a little crazy with the lunges and dumbbell twists and my back didn’t necessarily appreciate it! SO, during week 2- I had to modify almost every single move. Pretty much just do the upper body moves for most of the week. I really don’t feel I got the full effect of week 2- so I’m declaring a week 2 re-do! Hope that’s ok with everything 🙂 But to keep up, I still decided to share about this week and also a few, not many of my pictures from the week. Over this weekend, I did both Cardio 2 and Resistance 2- both of which are a big step up from level 1. I love that this program is SO much different than any other Beachbody program I’ve done before. It’s not all cardio, it’s not all weights, but it’s an amazing butt-kicking combination of both!!! Ok- so this week’s update is pretty boring 😉 But I’m back at it this week and will give you a much better insight next week as well as my accountability picture!!!


If are you still interested in being one of the FIRST to experience this brand new program- I still have a handful of spots available my EXCLUSIVE test group!! Simply comment below, email me at kyleefcooper@gmail.com, or go to https://www.facebook.com/events/846669408789314/ to get all the details!!! Group starts March 21st, 2016


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