The Part-Time Job That Changed My Life

There aren’t many nights I work away from home- conferences are an exception of course. I’m very thankful for a hubby who can handle single parenting for a couple of nights and also Face time for making me feel like I am right there for all the action! But I am more grateful for the chance to not have to work away from home most nights.

I always used to have some sort of part-time job. I’m one that needs to busy and also benefits from the extra income. After Kinslee was born, the idea of being gone at night for a part-time job was absolutely out of the question for me, but I struggled without that little extra cushion of extra money.

ENTER- Health and Fitness Coaching!!!! It was seriously the answer to all my objections and problems-

~I don’t want to be gone at night/weekends
*Work on your couch while your daughter plays and sleeps

~I need to stay accountable to my own health and fitness goals
*In order to motivate my challengers, I have to stay motivated and work on myself

~I don’t look good enough, feel good enough, am good enough in general to do anything
*Reading personal development and gaining the confidence, I always had somewhere, and letting it shine!!!

~I am a mom now, I don’t think I’ll ever have any friends again
*I talk to my challengers and coaches EVERY. SINGLE. DAY and we get together for girls’ nights out more than I ever imagined!!

~I really need to pay off my student loans and vehicle payments- I want financial freedom
*This opportunity has allowed me to double those payments from the amount of effort I have put into building my business.

I never expected something like this to happen to me, but I have been so blessed by this opportunity in more ways than one! Yes I’m busy, yes I work hard, yes I push and want to succeed- fitting it in all those cracks of my daily life as a mom, wife, and teacher. It is possible to expect more and get more out of your life. It is possible to genuinely help others and grow yourself as well. Financial freedom is possible and will happen for my family.

Anything is truly possible…

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