Muffin Top BE GONE

Ummmm HOLD UP.. Do you see what I see??

I’ll tell you what I see– one of my favorite pairs of jeans with NO BULGE!!!! I used to wear flowly and loose shirts with these jeans because my pre-Tater and post-Tater pooch would hang over! But I refused to not wear those jeans!!!

Today– put those baby’s on after probably 2 years– no exploded can of biscuits looks today folks!! Don’t mind me while I’m over here doing a happy dance!!!!

This did NOT happen over night– if you’ve been following my journey you know I have been consistently working out, drinking Shakeology, and really dialing in my nutrition for over 10 months now.

10 months.. No quick fix.. Hard work.. Dedication.. Sacrifices..

Yes I have my ups and downs- good days and bad.. But to look at this picture and those jeans and know that I worked my butt off (hehe) is so so SO worth it!!!

Many of you have been asking for it– so you’ve got it– another new TEST group will be launching on April 4th.. I’ll be opening the group next week so we can dive in and talk more about meal planning and clean eating– so the sooner you commit the sooner you can begin dedicating yourself to getting results- FOR REAL this time!!! Woop woop, message me and let’s ‪#‎getsome12496164_10207376807236680_8755711309943292545_o

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