The Top 3 Ways Health & Fitness Coaching Built My Confidence


1 year between these two pictures– the changes I see are incredible.. Yes I’ve lost weight and inches on this year journey with Beachbody programs and coaching– but the confidence I have gained is more than I could have imagined! So today, I want to give you my top 3 ways that health and fitness coaching helped to boost my confidence.

#1- Coaching held me accountable to my own health and fitness goals.. How could I encourage others to start a journey of exercising and clean eating if I wasn’t doing so myself? So no matter what- I have to show up every single day and push play and drink my Shakeology in order to be proof of the product for my challengers. Then in turn, I feel healthier- have more energy- and just feel better about myself which BOOSTS up my confidence!!!

#2- A key part of health and fitness coaching is personal development. Whether that’s reading a book, listening to audio tapes, or downloading podcasts– but this activity has forced me to dive into books centered on building confidence. These actions have helped me realize that what others think really does not  matter! All that truly matters is how I FEEL ABOUT MYSELF!!!! Haters don’t pay your bills– you pay your bills!!! Somebody talks crap about you or mocks you– guess what– they are JEALOUS!!!! True story!

#3- Lastly- the coaching opportunity has helped me reconnect and establish the strongest relationships I have had probably ever (besides my bff from high school). This has re-kindled a few relationships from high school with long lost friends. But it has created new and strong relationships based on making each other better, not tearing each other down. And I’m not sure about you- but when you feel like you have a female friend or 10 in your corner no matter what– you pretty much feel on top of the world! This winter was rough for my daughter and our family- in and out of the hospital several times with RSV, croup, ear infections, etc. The only people who truly and genuinely reached out to make sure we were ok, besides family, were my Beachbody coaching friends. My other supposed “friends” never reached out at all– now that says something about this community!!!

I am not a naturally confident person. I have had self-image issues for as long as I can remember growing up. But this opportunity to get into the best shape of my life and to read and work to build that confidence has drastically changed how I look at myself and my life! Haters gonna hate, but they aren’t going to hold me back no more!!! 😉

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