Top 3 Tips for Staying on Track over the Weekend


The weekend is definitely my trouble/struggle time. I’m home more than I am throughout the week. I’m not as active and on the go! But I hate to see all my hard work throughout the week go to waste. So I thought today of my 3 big things I focus on during the weekend to help stay on track!

1- Increase your water intake!! It helps keep you full and your digestive system on track! Plus if you are drinking alcohol- alternate each drink with water!!
2-Push play– do NOT skip your workout!! Go for a walk or something-anything! Do not skip out on that calorie busting activity! Keep your metabolism running and you’re just more likely to make better choices!
3- Eat healthy snacks in between meals. I struggle with this the most. Usually sleep in so I don’t always get my normal breakfast or I eat it later and it throws my whole eating schedule off. But focus on getting those snacks in so you aren’t so hungry at lunch and dinner!
Hope you find my tips helpful! Feel free to SHARE or TAG someone who could use these! Have a great weekend friends!!

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